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Take this weekend retreat to strengthen your connection, learn, and have fun together!






Relationships are wild, wonderful, exhilarating...
frustrating, and exhausting!

Romantic relationships can be a great source of joy and fulfillment in our lives. But life as a couple isn’t easy, and love isn’t always enough to make a relationship work. Even the most committed couples can find themselves feeling disconnected, or at a loss for how to keep the spark alive. 

What is the secret to a happy, fulfilling, stable, and strong relationship? As marriage & family therapists, we hear this kind of question all too often. That's why we are excited to reveal our best insights and strategies that support healthy relationships at our upcoming couples retreat!


Things we will talk about:

Self-Awareness & Attachment Styles

Safety, Trust, & Vulnerability

And More!

Conflict Communication

Roles & Responsibilities

The Wild, Wonderful Love Relationship Retreat is an information-packed, interactive experience that dives deep into the heart of relationships.

By tackling common issues that couples may encounter at any stage of a relationship, this retreat offers approaches, ideas, and skills that can help relationships improve and thrive. The weekend will provide couples with meaningful ways to grow as individuals and elevate their relationship, together!

This retreat is for all couples who want to nourish and strengthen their relationship, remove barriers, and grow closer.

Couples will learn and interact in a safe and comfortable environment with activities designed to enhance their connection with one another. Our panel of experienced marriage & family therapists will offer research-backed and tested strategies that work for real couples, in real life.

Communicating for Connection

Intimacy & Sex

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Hosted by

Dr. Stephanie Wick, LCMFT, LCAC

Owner of Andrews & Associates Counseling

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The Wild, Wonderful Love Relationship Retreat was an AMAZING experience for us!

It helped us understand each other on a deeper level. As our relationship progresses, we have each individually changed in so many ways, and this retreat really helped with sparking new ideas and conversations regarding our relationship.

A lot of the talking points were so relatable and familiar to us, it was validating to know that we aren't alone.

- Laura + Neil

We knew we were struggling, but we didn't know how bad or how to fix it. We have been married 24 years and been through many traumas. We were miserable. We have the right tools now. Thank GOD for Stephanie and this team who saved us from ourselves.

We also had no idea that EACH OF US was responsible, and how our past relationships with family affected us so much. Stephanie and the other therapists gave us 6 months of therapy in one weekend! Everyone in any relationship should go!!!

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Wild, Wonderful Love

Relationship retreat

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Andrews & Associates Counseling's panel of experts and guest presenters have combined over 40 years of field experience and top research to make the Wild, Wonderful Love Relationship Retreat possible. Join us for our weekend couples retreat in Manhattan, KS and meet the experts in person!

the experts

"In our crazy, chaotic, busy world, our relationships often get sidelined. We get complacent and fall into ruts. Take this opportunity to invest in your relationship. Make time for one another. Be intentional. Your relationship is worth it."

-Dr. Stephanie Wick